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  1. Bullet                Cypress College:  Go Places!




Since September of 1967, Cypress College

has been helping students go places!

With a long tradition of student success, you will find former Cypress College students working at all of the following companies:

• American Airlines 

• Alaska Airlines

•  Cathay Pacific

•  Delta Air LInes

•  Emirates

•  Japan Airlines

• JetBlue

• Southwest Airlines

• United Airlines

• U.S. Airways

•  Virgin

• Aviation International/Asiana

• Disney Travel

• Norwegian Cruise Lines

• Military Pilots

• Boeing

• Many Area Travel Agencies

Department Mission: The Aviation & Travel Careers Department supports the Cypress College Vision to promote student success and community enrichment by collaborating with the industry to provide students with the most practical, personalized, and value-priced instruction available to students seeking an aviation or travel career.

Department Goals:  To achieve the Cypress College's commitment to student success, the ATC Department has the following specific goals:

Prepare students to be successful in competitive interviews through career portfolios and simulated, videotaped interviews.

Educate students on employment opportunities, training requirements, and the application process

• Provide students with both the academic and practical hands-on instruction necessary to enable them to complete Federal Aviation Administration and travel industry training requirements with a 90% score or better.

• Upgrade skills of existing personnel within the industry by providing new training and management courses.

• Provide students with a broad-based curriculum as a foundation for management and entrepreneurial opportunities

• Provide the aviation and travel industries with competent and well-educated employees by ensuring students meet the requirements of the certificates.

• Assist students choosing to transfer to a four-year college by ensuring all students meet with a counselor and have an academic plan in their career portfolio. 


  1. Bullet Aviation & Travel Careers Offers . . .

  2. Bullet Basic Certificates (15 Units)

  3. Bullet Advanced Certificates (35 Units)

  4. Bullet Associate in Science Degrees

      (Advanced Certificates+ General Education=60 Units)

. . . in the following areas:

  1. Bullet Aviation Management

  2. Bullet Airline Customer Services

  3. Bullet Flight Attendant

  4. Bullet Pilot

  5. Bullet Travel and Tourism

  1. Bullet And Ancillary Certificates

  2. Bullet Homeland Security

  3. Bullet Cruise Line Sales & Operations

  4. Bullet Tourism & Conference Management

For specific course requirements, click here.

All of the above programs include transfer to four-year universities.       

Hot Tip: Begin with a Certificate; you can decide later if you want to pursue an A.S. Degree or transfer to a four-year university.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click on FAQ


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    Aviation: AviationWeb.mov

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