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                               Contact / Location Information


Cypress College:

9200 Valley View Street, Cypress, CA 90630-5897   

       Google Map Directions     

        Campus Map

    Admissions and Records Hours:

    Student Center, Parking Lot 1

    Fall / Spring Semesters:

        Open M-Th 8a-6p and Friday 8a-noon

    Summer: Open M-TH 8a-6p

        Closed Holidays

Career Technical Division:

Technical Education Building 1 (Park Lot 1)

Office Manager: Cindy Cao 714-484-7231



    Fall / Spring Semesters: Open M-F 9a-5p

    Summer: Open M-TH 9a-5p

Aviation & Travel Careers Department:

Technical Education Building 1, room 212 (Park Lot 1 or

Office Support: Kathy March 714-484-7252



    Fall / Spring Semesters: Open M-TH 10a-6p

    Summer: Not on campus during the summer, but you may email the Department Coordinator with questions.

Department Coordinator:

    Kathleen Reiland  kreiland@cypresscollege.edu   

    Office and Voicemail:    714-484-7411   

    Cell for Emergencies:    760-207-4999 

    Office: Technical Education Building 1 Room 200 

      (Classrooms are near the swimming pool in Google Satellite view)


Pilot Coordinator: Ed Valdez evaldez@cypresscollege.edu

    For questions about how to become a pilot or the flying team, please contact Captain Valdez.

Program Counselor (Students may see any college counselor when Jane is not available):

    Aviation & Travel Careers: Jane Jepson  jjepson@cypresscollege.edu

    For appointments: 714-484-7015 or leave msg. 714-484-7074

Main College Counseling Office: Website 714-484-7015

    Counseling Center onlinecounselor@cypresscollege.edu    

Office Manager:  Cindy Cao   ccao@cypresscollege.edu        714-484-7231

Office Support:    Kathy March   kmarch@cypresscollege.edu     714-484-7252

International Students Program

Yongmi Han (Manager) -- yhan@cypresscollege.edu|

Location:: Student Activities, Building 8

Phone: (714) 484-7050

Renay Laguana-Ferinac (Counselor)-- rlaguana@cypresscollege.edu

Location: Student Center, 2nd floor

Phone:  (714) 484-7129

Faculty:  Most of your professors also work full-time in the industry, which provides you with the most up-to-date and relevant instruction, but this also means that your instructors may be on campus only for the classes they teach.  Thus, the best way to reach your instructors is by email.  To view the faculty biographies and obtain their email address, click here.

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