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  1. Bullet                Cypress College:  Go Places!


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Former Cypress College

Student Belynda Gomez at

work for Asiana Airlines



“I wanted to say thank you to Cypress College!  I would not be where I am today without your fantastic efforts with the Airline and Travel program. I could not be happier at where I'm at today. They were floored (in a GREAT way) when I showed them my career portfolio, and impressed when I had work to show them from my classes. Please keep your enthusiasm.... It's what made my success in the travel industry such a great experience!”

                                                                                                        Tyler, Springboard Vacations


"Before Ohio State, I was at Cypress College.  Loved it!!  I am now a  Falcon 2000 Captain with NetJets"

                                                                                                        Scott, NetJets Pilot

“I owe everything about this joyful news to you and the faculty of the department. Without having worked with all of you, I wouldn't even have known that Princess Cruise Lines existed. Today I would like to deeply thank

you for providing me with a life-changing knowledge and experiences!”

                                                                                                        Misaki, Jr. Asst. Purser, Princess Cruise Lines

“Good news! We made it. The three of us all got the call yesterday to work for Compass Airlines (Flight Attendants, LAX base). We're super excited! If not for all the reviews and interview practices we did in class, I would've froze or choked on my answers, but I came prepared. Many of the people (there were 129 of us) in the group interview told me I looked so professional and confident up there when I answered my question, and I would like to say most of it is because of how you and the other professors in the department prepared your students. Thank you so much!

                                                                                                        Trina, Compass Airlines Flight Attendant

“People ask me all the time what I went to school for, and when I say I attended the Cypress College Airline and Travel Careers Program, they're shocked that there's actually a program that emphasizes airline jobs, including flight attendant, pilot, gate agent, etc. They're so interested in knowing what it's about and if it helped me. I explain to them that it was the best decision I've ever made in that it helped guide me in the right direction to become what I've ways wanted. I just wanted to THANK YOU!”    Katy S., United Airlines Flight Attendant

"I have gone to several different schools in Southern California to gain knowledge about the aviation industry, but there is no school that is better than Cypress College. Here, I not only learned the knowledge I needed, but I also learned how to take the first step to this exciting industry. Without the help from the professors, I would never have been offered the flight attendant position by United Airlines. Thank you Cypress College!!!"

                                                                                                        Tony, United Airlines

"Cathay Pacific hired me!!!!!  I'll be based in Hong Kong, and my training will start next month. My dream of being a flight attendant is coming true! I can't believe it. Thank you so much, I want to recommend the Cypress Airline & Travel Careers  program to everybody!"                                          Aya, Cathay Pacific                     

“I made it!  I'm finally an Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant!  It is so exciting.  I truly have to thank you for everything.  All your classes really do help.  Practically everything we learn in training is exactly what you teach at Cypress.  It's amazing!  I was well prepared for training after taking your classes. Hope to see you soon!”

                                                                                                        Katie C., Alaska Airlines

"I have been working for Boeing for two years now and planning to apply for my MBA next year. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me along the way.  If it hadn't been for your program I would have never been in the aviation industry."                                                                            Bianca, Boeing Contracts and Pricing

"In November I did a "fam" [familiarization] trip with Hammond Tours to Ireland. In early December, I did a fam with Trafalgar Tours to Greece. I just returned from a quick trip over to London and Bath. I have already traveled far more than I ever imagined I would in my life. I am very grateful for my start there at Cypress with you! Another agent and I just got a opportunity to do a Uniworld River Cruise fam trip on the Danube in April, so I will be doing that too. Every single travel experience helps me in my job. Some of the clients are very direct and ask to

work only with someone who has actually been to their desired destination. I will always be grateful for your

support and wonderful teaching!                                                    Carrie, AAA Travel Agent

"I love my flight attendant job!  This is the best thing I could have ever done! I'm still in Anchorage and I'm hoping to be in LA by January. I'm going to be able to start school again at Embry Riddle and take a class or two. I'm going back for Marlene's graduation Nov. 14th. Another member of Alaska Airlines (and Cypress student)!

                                                                                                        Paola Ramirez, Alaska Airlines

“I did it.  United Airlines hired me [as a flight attendant] for DC (IAD). I cannot (and I mean I could never) say; just what you and the program meant in helping me get hired.  This was the single best choice for anyone desiring to get into the industry.”                                                                     Noelle, United Airlines

“This letter is to say thanks . . . I am officially an Alaska Airlines trainee . . . I'm so excited.  I thought I'd let you know that not only did it seem like an American Idol Audition, but as we had our last interview, the American Idol auditions were being held in the room next to us! . . . very weird and funny!  I could not have done it without you! Thanks!!!!!                                                                                      Marlene, Alaska Airlines

“I was told, I would make an excellent flight attendant. I was given a Home Study Packet on the spot. Thank you  for believing in each of us, and for all the encouragement!  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been mentored throughout the process.”                                                                Darlene, SkyWest

"I enjoy my flying life and have had so much fun! I am based at LA and flying LAX-HKG-LAX. I am now in Hong Kong, and will be attending the conversion training in October.  I am very happy to share my experience with other students because without your help, I might not have been able to pass the interview."

                                                                                                        San Huynh, Cathay Pacific

"I was checking out the website as I usually do every month and realized I should send you updated work/hired information! I am a Spa Coordinator in the luxurious ocean front in Palos Verdes: The Spa at Terranea! This job embodies everything I ever learned in all the classes in the travel program from Intro to Travel Careers to Multicultural Hospitality! I use many skills you have taught me on an hourly basis at the resort!"

                                                                                                        Tonka, Terranea Resort

"I was so glad to see you at the graduation ceremony. Thank you so much!! Now, I work at the Westin Hotel Sendai that opened on August 1st in my city, Sendai (Japan). I am so happy to work here and the job is so fun. The English and customer service skills that I have learned at Cypress College are very helpful in this job."

                                                                                                        Midori, Westin Hotels & Resorts

"I just wanted to say hello because I have not written since I got hired with Alaska Airlines. It is so wonderful and fun here. This is an absolutely a marvelous company to work for. I wanted to thank you so much for all of your help you gave me in preparing me for this job. Every single class that I took with you has really helped me in this job. You do a wonderful thing teaching there at Cypress!”                      Katie D., Alaska Airlines

"In Japan, SO many people want to be a flight attendant. There are private schools and magazines for people who want to be a flight attendant. But I want to recommend Cypress ATC program to everybody!  Training will be hard, but I believe everything I learned from you will help me to get through the training."

                                                                                                        Aya, Cathay Pacific Airways

“I am a walking success story!  I returned to school after many years and loved the Cypress program so much that I found a job.  I just received my IATAN travel card!”                        Darlene, East Whittier Travel & Tour

“I wanted to thank you for everything.  I got the flight attendant job . . . I’ll be writing to you from Seoul, Korea.  I can’t wait to be there.  Tell everyone that everything you said is right.  I know because I experienced it.”

                                                                                                        Liz., Aviation International

“I have been wanting to write but I have been really busy.  I just got back from a two week trip in Italy and Switzerland--hiking in the Alps is one of the best things I have seen so far! I also got a new job as a CSR (Customer Service Representative) at Signature Flight Support.  I am thinking about getting my pilot’s license; Signature will help and I can to transfer to any Signature FBO around the world.  There is one in Paris!  None of this would have happened if you didn’t point me in the right direction!

                                                                                                        Monique, Signature Flight Support

“The Cypress College Airline & Travel Careers Program has thoroughly educated me with the skills needed to run a travel company, host a tour group, be a flight attendant, and professionally interact with peers and superiors.”                                                                                                     

                                                                                                         Paul, Disneyland Travel Services

“After almost a year, I finally got the job!!! NetJets called this morning to offer me employment! The recruiter told me that they get about 400 applicants per month and they only hire 6-10 flight attendants per year! You wouldn't believe all the steps I had to go through to get an interview!  This just sounds like an amazing company to work for!  Thank you so much for all of your help! I honestly could never have done all of this without what I learned from you!”                                                                                                  Felissa,  NetJets

“After earning my Flight Attendant A.S. Degree, I went to work for JetBlue, and I love it!"                                           

                                                                                                          Kristina, JetBlue Airways

"I graduated from the Emirates training college yesterday.  It was much more fun than I expected!  Emirates has great training facilities.  I made a lot of friends there.  Since Emirates has more than 10000 cabin crew, it is almost impossible to have the same flight with my classmates.. I love my company so far.  I'm happy that I made a decision to come to Dubai.  Thank you!"                                        Maki, Emirates


"I have good news. I had an interview yesterday with JAL for passenger services . . . and today they called me. They want to hire me. I have to go there tomorrow again and have training for a few days . . . I am so excited. This is my first job in America. I am so happy . . . Thank you!!!!"                                                           

                                                                                                        Noriko, Japan Airlines


“This program guides and encourages you to fulfill your goals with supportive instructors.  I am so excited about my new job.”                                                                                          Amanda, Craig’s Travel

“It was extremely informative in obtaining a lot of detailed information about pursing a position as a flight attendant.  Many resources were made available as well as learning how to research specific airlines to determine which ones to apply for.  I just got called for my training date with ATA as a flight attendant!”

                                                                                                          Beverly, ATA Flight Attendant

“Tell everybody to hang in there--it will happen!  I just got hired as a flight attendant and I’m so excited!” 

                                                                                                          Leslie, Mesa Airlines

“Thank you for referring me to La Palma Travel!  I think it is a perfect match for me! I called at 12:30 p.m., interviewed at 2:00, and left her office at 2:45 with a job. I truly feel the owner is as excited to have me as I am to work for her. Unbelievable!”                                                              Mary Ann, La Palma Travel

"KK and I just got our email back from Skywest; we both have been asked to join their flight attendant team.  We are so excited!  Thank you!!!!"                                                            Sarah, Skywest

"Today I have good news!  I finally got a job here in Torrance. I will work with the company "JTB USA," which is a popular travel agency in Japan. I had a interview with them on the beginning of August, and then I received an e-mail from them to inform me of the result of the interview. It is so fantastic for me to work with JTB in CA, and I believe this happened because of my education with you at Cypress College. Classes at Cypress helped me a lot in a process of application and at the interview. I am so appreciative.  Thank you!"

                                                                                                           Yosuke, JTB

"I went on the interview yesterday for the cruise line.  It went great! I am so happy it sounds like its going to be a once in a life time job.  Thank you!"                                                    Sarah, Norwegian Cruise Line

"To keep you updated, I have been with American Airlines since I got hired, doing customer service out of JFK for two years; then they offered me a management position at MAD, so I have been living in Spain for two years, but as of April of this year, I was given the opportunity to be a flight attendant, and I will be based out of LAX. Now I'm back near my family and friends again. Kathleen, my dream of becoming an AA Flight Attendant has finally come true! Thank you for all the training; it came in handy. Believe it or not I still have all my work from your class. I went from being a student that would drive all the way from Pomona at 5:45 a.m. just to get to your class, to an International American Airlines Flight Attendant. Being in the travel industry for five years has been great. Now as a FA, I will see the world!!!"                                                                                         Gustavo, American Airlines

“I just wanted to thank you soooooooo much for everything that you taught me in Job Skills. This past week I went to an interview and I felt like I had never done a better job! The questions that the woman asked me were just like the ones you gave us as examples so of course I was very well prepared. I was so thorough in my answers that she only had to ask me about three different questions and I answered all ten of the questions she had to ask me. So the interview went well. I went to the second interview today and I passed that one too. I'm going to start working for National City Bank on the 26th of this month and it's all thanks to you!”                                                                                

                                                                                                        Alexandra, National City Bank, KY

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