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Welcome Students and Alumni!

The following website provides resources for students who have enrolled in Aviation and Travel Careers (ATC) classes at Cypress College. If you find additional resources that would be helpful, simply email me and I will be happy to include the information so we all might learn together.

Kathleen Reiland

Department Chair

Aviation & Travel Careers

Cypress College



Medical Release Form:
Medical Release.docx

Link to all Airlines’ Hiring Information.

Miramar Air Show:  One fun way to learn more about aviation is to visit the Miramar Air Show (in North San Diego), which is at the beginning of October.  The Blue Angels typically fly between 2:00 and 4:30 each day so try to attend during that time if you can, but that is also when the traffic is the worst so arrive early.  It is free to park and get in and will take about an 1:30 to 1:45 driving time from Cypress (not including traffic).  For the schedule and directions, visit http://www.miramarairshow.com/

"Airventure 2010 – World's Greatest Airshow" Video

Miracle on the Hudson:

Captain Sully began his airline career at PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines), the same airline where I began my career.  My sister commuted with him for years and says he was as wonderful as the news says he is.  For highlights of the "Miracle on Hudson," click the Power Point Presentation.  Flt1549~1-19-2009.pps

Resources (For All Students/Alumni):

    ✈Career Portfolio Prepare

    ✈Interview Practice

    Online Hiring Tests Be Informed

    ✈Jobs Apply Online


    ✈Student Learning Outcomes Key!

    ✈Travel Project


    Uniforms Look the Part

    Video Links

    ✈Writing Resources Sample Essays

    ✈Motivation: The Failure List

Programs (Career Links, Jobs, Resources):

    Airline & Travel Careers


    ✈Homeland Transportation Security

    Independent Study


    ✈Disney College Program


  Aviation Safety Facts

    Airlines’ Hiring Information

    ✈Aviation Links

    Humor---for fun.

    ✈Industry Resources

        Associations, Museums

    ✈Industry News

        ✈Airline Ratings

        ✈Airline Customer Service Plans





   ✈Scholarship Information

        ✈ Scholarships 


        ✈ ReleaseLiability.doc

    Open House Presentations


     Historical Open House

    ATC Orientation ShowS16.ppt

     ATC Orientation ShowF14.ppt

     ATC Orientation ShowF12.ppt

     ATC Orientation ShowF11.ppt    

     ATC Orientation ShowF10.ppt

     ATC Orientation ShowF09.ppt

     ATC Orientation ShowF07.ppt


    Other Presentations:


     Miracle on the Hudson:



      Advisory 2013 PPT.pptx

     Advisory 2014 PPT.pptx

    Advisory 2015 PPT.pptx

    Advisory 2017 PPT.pptx

Long Beach/JetBlue Tour: TBA

from 10:00 am-12:30 pm

Sign up with Kathleen:  kreiland@cypresscollege.edu


Medical Release.doc

LAX AIREX Emergency Drill: PICTURES!

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