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Goals and Objectives of the Program:                                               Print Version:  CertificateChecklists.doc

The Travel and Tourism Program provides students with a career path for attaining the communication skills, practical knowledge, and technical training necessary for pursuing a career as a travel agent, tour guide, or corporate travel consultant. Students completing this degree will develop an advanced understanding of the travel industry and the sales, security, and service requirements necessary to work in the travel industry.

Students have three options: 

    Basic Travel Tourism Certificate = 15 units

    Advanced Travel Tourism Certificate = 36 units (includes those courses completed for the Basic Certificate)

    Associate in Science Degree Travel Tourism = Advanced Certificate + General Education Requirements = 60 units

To earn the certificates, complete the required courses with a minimum grade of "C." At least 50% of all course work must be completed at Cypress College. The Basic Certificate offers students a career ladder from which they may experience incremental success as they progress to an Advanced Certificate and/or to an Associate of Science Degree.  The “basic” designation is intended to make clear that Cypress College considers students with this certificate to be eligible for internships, but not necessarily ready for employment unless they have completed significant course work in other areas. 

To earn an Associate in Science Degree, complete the Advanced Certificate identified below and the General Education Graduation Requirements outlined in the Cypress College Catalog.

Basic Travel/Tourism Certificate  Program Code: 1K14405

Required courses are all 3 units except where noted:

ATC 101            Intro. to Travel Careers

ATC 102            Career Communication/Portfolio

ATC 123            Travel Sales & Tour Operations                         

ATC 174            Destinations: Americas/Europe

    Or ATC 175   Destinations: Africa/ Pacific

ATC 191            Airline Reservations: APOLLO

    Or ATC 192   Airline Reservations: SABRE

                          Total Units Required for Basic Certificate:        15                          

Advanced Travel/Tourism Certificate   Program Code: 1C07859

Core Requirements (All of the above courses are included in the Advanced Certificate and only need to be taken once)

ATC 101            Intro. to Travel Careers

ATC 102            Career Communication/Portfolio

ATC 123            Travel Sales & Tour Operations

ATC 126            Travel Management                                          

ATC 174            Destinations: Americas/Europe

ATC 175            Destinations: Africa/ Pacific                         

ATC 182            Cultural Tourism

ATC 191            Airline Reservations: APOLLO

ATC 192            Airline Reservations: SABRE

ATC 223            Cruise Line Sales & Operations

Select a minimum of six (6) units from the electives below:

                         Total Units Required for Advanced Certificate:    36             


Electives (select 6 units):

ATC 50              Special Projects  2 units

ATC 112            Homeland Security  3 

ATC 114            Investigative Documentation  3 

ATC 116            Aviation/Trans Security  3 

ATC 180            Tourism/Conference Management  3

ATC 183            Customer Care: Airline/Travel  3 

ATC 278            Public Relations: Service Ind.  3 

ATC 295            Airline/Travel Internship   3 

ATC 298            Airline/Travel Seminar  0.5 - 12 

ATC 299            Independent Study 0.5 - 2 

Associate in Science Degree: Travel Tourism  Program Code: 1S07859

Combine the Advanced Travel/Tourism Certificate with the general education requirements outlined in the Cypress College Catalog. 60 units

Notes: You may opt to “dual major” by applying some of these courses to the Flight Attendant or Airline Customer Services Degree/Certificate Programs. Remember to apply for your certificates/degrees/graduation at the beginning of your last semester.                                                             

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                    Certificate and Degree Checklist

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