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                                 Aviation Training Devices



Through grants, the Cypress College Aviation Program has recently updated our flight training devices, so while we have kept our old Flight Training Devices for student practice, we also provide students with new "Precision Flight Controls Cirrus II" aviation training devices (ATD), which meet the Part 61 FAR requirements for instrument flight training (10 hours) and instrument currency requirements.  View the Cockpit Automation Technology (CAT II and CAT III) systems that Cypress College operates: http://www.flypfc.com/catIII.html or view the detailed brochures:

    CAT II:  http://www.flypfc.com/Brochures%2008/CAT%20II%20Brochure.pdf

    CAT III: http://www.flypfc.com/Brochures%2008/CAT%20III%20Brochure.pdf

The ATDs simulate 20 aircraft types, including the Cessna, Beechcraft, and Moony products, for both single and multi-engine training with a complete interactive instructors station and a World Navigational Database which is graphically detailed. The system provides an excellent platform for VFR Training. With the basic GPS system, we can also "go" to anywhere in real time which allows flight planning for fuel stops and alternate weather scenarios confronting pilots. Instructors can also simulate failed equipment and set up a variety of emergency situations.

These training device are now more valuable than ever, not only for practicing safety procedures and emergency

maneuvers, but overall, the systems increase proficiency and allow for currency in a cost effective and timely manner.

FAA Approved BATD (Basic Aviation Training Device) Specifications:

1) Loggable Flight Time - 141.41(b), 61.57(c)(1), and 61.09(i)(1)

2) Instrument Experience - 61.57(c)(1)

3) Instrument Rating: maximum 10 hours - 61.65(e)(2)

4) Private Pilot Certificate: maximum 2.5 hours - 61.109(i)(1)

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