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Cypress College Flying Chargers


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For more information about participating with the Flying Team, please contact Cypress College Professor Ed Valdez at evaldez@cypresscollege.edu or the Cypress College Aviation Chair Kathleen Reiland at kreiland@cypresscollege.edu.

The Flying Team meets during the fall and spring semester in Tech Ed 1, Room 200.  All students--whether you are a pilot or not--are welcome.  

Flying Team Competition:
Each year the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Flying Association (PCIFA) sponsors an intercollegiate Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference (SAFECON). Cypress College will compete with universities and colleges from our region.  Cypress College Aviation and Airline & Travel Careers students who have enrolled in six or more units are invited to attend.  You do not need to be a pilot to attend, but you must be interested in becoming a pilot!

Cypress College will assist with some of the expenses for those students who participate.  We will probably drive up in a school van and stay in a local hotel. Observers are welcome at anytime during the competition, but you will be responsible for your own transportation and expenses. If you have access to a plane, the team may assist with fuel costs for the competition. 

For more information about the National Intercollegiate Flying Association, visit their website at NIFA http://www.nifa.us/.

History and Overview of the Flying Team: The Cypress College Flying Chargers

Overview:  For more than forty years the Flying Chargers have been committed to the pursuit of flying excellence, through education and safety. As a result Cypress College is one of Orange County's premiere community colleges for aviation and airline careers.  

History:  Cypress College has had an active flying team since Professor Chuck Gifford established the first team in 1967, and the team has participated in the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Flying Association (PCIFA) annual SAFECON for the past 40 years.  This competition consists of precision landing, navigation, instrument flying and several ground events.  The top two teams from PCIFA are invited to the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA), annual SAFECON.  The team has participated in approximately 8 NIFA SAFECONs and the team advisors have been part of the judging staff in 14 other national competitions.

The pursuit of flying excellence is the philosophy of the flying team. If you want to be one of us, come join the Flying Chargers! 

Our goal is to hone our skills the Flying Chargers competes in SAFECON (The Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference), which is governed by the National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA). You don't need to be a pilot; you just need to be an aviation enthusiast! 

Flying Team Competition Events (descriptions of past events):

Ground Events:

Aircraft Recognition–requires contestants to correctly identify aircraft from all over the world. Reference: All the World’s Aircraft by Janes   http://jawa.janes.com

Computer Accuracy–written examination composed of approximately 45 multiple choice questions based on problem solving using manual flight computers.

SCAN–simulated comprehensive aircraft navigation over a simulated cross-country flight.

Preflight Inspection–practical inspection of a common training aircraft which will be "bugged" with multiple problems. C contestants are given 15 minutes to inspect the plane and identify the problems.

Ground Trainer–competency and skill using a flight simulator.

Crew Resource Management–uses a 2-person crew, contestants are judged on their ability to work together.

Flying Events

Message Drop–the objective is to hit a target on the ground with a message container. A team effort by pilot and drop-master.

Navigation–cross-country flight over 3 or 5 leg course.  Contestants are evaluated by comparing flight data with estimated planned flight data

Short Field Landing–contestants are evaluated on pattern technique and how close they can land on the target line.

Power-off Landing–similar to short field landing, only the aircraft engine must be reduced to, and remain at, idle on the downwind leg abeam of the target line.

The Flying Chargers may be your window to the world.
Team Captain

LInk to the National Intercollegiate Flying Association

NOTES from past events:

February 14-18, 2008:  Congratulations to the Flying Team for their awards in the competition at Love Field in Prescott, Arizona, along with Mt. San Antonio College, San Diego Christian College, San Jose State University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and representatives from the US Air Force Academy.  Team Captain, Alex Culp ranked second as top female competitor, and the team took home the highly coveted Sportsmanship Award for the first time since 1973.   Congratulations to the faculty advisors, Daniel Wotring and Chuck Gifford, and all of the participants:  Alex Culp, Brad Sprayberry, Guadalupe Hernandez, Sonya Demczuk, Ashley Kelso.  The team has competed every year since its inception in March of 1968. 

On February 16-18, 2007, the Cypress College Flying Team competed at the regional Safety and Flight Evaluation Conference sponsored by the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Flying Association with schools such as Cal Tech, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Mt. San Antonio College, , San Diego Christian College, San Jose State and the Air Force Academy.  

I am quite proud to announce that our team took two of the top ten awards: Jesse Kumbera received the Top Woman Pilot Safety Award and the Outstanding Team Member award.  

I have attached a picture of the group at the awards banquet, which includes the two instructors, Chuck Gifford and Daniel Wotring, who supported the following students for this event:
Brad Sprayberry (Placed tenth in Message Drop, Simulator, Preflight and Computer Accuracy)
Alex Culp (new but took the attached picture!)
Isaac Beteta (6th in the Message Drop and 5th in Taxi)
Tony Wong
Jesse Kumbera (6th in Taxi, Top Women Pilot Safety Award, Outstanding Team Member Award)

We are quite proud of all of them!
Kathleen Reiland

Cypress College participated in the following preparation events.
Event Information:
Event:               Mt. SAC Two Day Event
Date:                December 19th & 20th
Location:          CCB (Cable) Airport in Upland, California
Other Info:        The event will be fast-paced and for those that wish to participate in the event's competitions, you MUST be there for the briefings. The safety briefing for both days will all be at 6:30 a.m. at the terminal. (We must have the aircraft there, pre-flighted, and ready to go, BEFORE going to the briefing.) Daniel will be securing aircraft for the team's use at the event. If you'll be competing in the flying events at the competition please call Daniel (714) 423-4440 and arrange a time to get checked out in an aircraft, etc. Message drop containers will be provided for your use at this event. **I highly recommend you go to the following link and review the 2006 pocket rulebook. It contains information and rules on all the events and how they work. If possible, please review it asap and e-mail Daniel and I with what you would like to do at this event. (There will be no preflight category at the event.) http://nifa.us/Rules%202006%202up%20view.pdf  
Also attached is the field trip/waiver that needs to be completed and submitted to Daniel.  
Medical Release Form form.pdf
Event:               SCIS (SoCal Invitational)
Date:                January 19th
Location:          TBA
Other Info:        Please let Daniel and I know if you're available. This is the one-day mini-competition for the SoCal colleges who will be competing at Regionals. (Apparently if we win Mt. SAC owes us a propeller.) 
Just a reminder, the Regional competition in Phoenix is February 14-17, 2008. 

The website for Regionals is now up: http://pluto.pr.erau.edu/~flightops/regionals/index.php No schedule has been posted yet.

Expenses for 2008:  Flying%20Team%20%2D%20Finances%202007%2D2008.doc

January 2009: 
I have received an email from San Jose State University and here are a few logistical updates. Please pass this along to anyone you feel might be attending this years PCIFA SAFECON.

This year SAFECON is hosted by San Jose State University. The dates are Feb 13-15, 2009. The location is Salinas Airport (SNS) in Salinas California. http://www.airnav.com/airport/KSNS. Our host will be Central Coast Aviation. http://www.ccasfbo.com/ Central Coast Aviation Services was a big supporter of PCIFA last time we were in Salinas. They are also handing a number of the logistical arrangements for us. We will be parking on their ramp, so we ask that you use them in return for their support.

We have 50 rooms available from the Feb 10-16 2009 (Tuesday through Monday). There are 30 double rooms and 20 king rooms available. These are priced at 65/night. The discount code is NIFA or National Intercollegiate Flying Association. To book these rooms with a credit card please Terri at 831-449-2474 Extension 196. This hotel is the Laurel Inn. They have given us one week to book the necessary rooms.

Central Coast has 10 vans available for when we arrive there. She has them from the 10th onwards. You will need to work it out with Cindy the Administrative Secretary to get the vans. The number for Central Coast Aviation Services is 831-422-7488 or tollfree at 800-421-7488.

Please check your email for further updates as the information becomes available. You should be receiving an email shortly inviting you to register your school, teams, contestants and judges shortly. If you know of anyone that is interested in judging please email our Chief Judge Cathy Jameson at cgjam@msn.com.

David Todd